Yoga is the oldest known philosophy of spiritual, mental and physical self development. It is the caring of both the spiritual and physical bodies under the intelligent control of the mind. Yoga gives the energy to lead life fully and with enjoyment. The meaning of Yoga is union or yoking; from the Sanskrit word YUJ to unite. The union here is between the individual soul and the universal soul. On an individual basis we can think of it in terms of bringing together all aspects of ourselves; our spirits, our minds and our bodies as being one with the ever present universal force. There are many branches and limbs of yoga, all of which are worthy of an individual’s practice.


Taking a deep sigh shortly after the laser is placed on or near your body often induces a deeper state of equipoise and connection to your nervous system.  This unwinding affect connects to our heart, brain, organs and glands and tissue throughout the body, as the nervous system is a central operating system for the body.  The nervous system is a doorway to this relaxed space of perfect equipoise allowing you access a vast reservoir of healing potential and abundance of energy. The blissful state of nothingness is the doorway to the powerful connection with universal energy. Quantumwave Lasers are the perfect tools to achieve ultimate peace within our bodies.


In the ancient yogic tradition, the “space between breaths” is where the alchemy of transformation takes place. It is also the space—and the experience—that Quantumwave Lasers calls Stillpoint. Resting in the space between our last thought and our next one, between our last action and our next one, between our past and our future, an auspicious opening occurs. Within this opening, more energy begins to flow, nourishing the physical body and activating the subtle body. Thoughts and emotions soften and disperse, inviting our natural condition of relaxation, ease, and harmony. The heart opens, increasing our ability to experience peace, passion, happiness, and joy.


Being of service helps break down the barriers, helping individuals follow their own life passion which is a central teaching of Hot N Cool Yoga. It is only when we connect with the universal Divine Plan and support all who are ONE do we fully understand what is being asked of us. With the use of a laser, the heart opens, increasing our ability to experience peace, passion, happiness, and joy for others. Service to others brings about clear intentions and creates a belief system which is vital to the fulfillment of our universal calling. To be effective helpers we must develop and maintain a giving spirit, a clear mind and a healthy body.