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Why Hot?

The Hot N Cool Yoga Club is equipped with Far Infrared (FIR) lighting. FIR heats your body, without needing to bring the whole studio to a scorching heat. The heat of your body helps you to sweat, releasing toxins and burning calories. Far Infrared lighting stimulates your body to produce endorphins, leaving you happy and relaxed. Far Infrared lighting is safe for long periods of time. It is often used to keep premature infants warm, and is the warming aspect of the light that we receive from the Sun.

Why Cool?

The Hot N Cool Yoga Club offers “Cool Classes,” which are done at room temperature. Exercising while cool offers less of a chance of over-stretching your muscles. As your muscles are less malleable when cool, you are more aware of their tension. You are forced to pay more attention to the stress you put on your muscles and can avoid stretching too far. Cool-body yoga teaches patience, as you must work harder and longer to achieve your workout.


At the Hot N Cool Yoga Club we fully support the art of meditation as it is through meditation and the act of silencing the mind that we are able to open our hearts allowing the true gifts of the universe to manifest within us. Once the mind and the heart are open, source energy comes to life within us enabling us to ask for help; for ourselves, for others, for the good of all mankind.


Hot N Cool Yoga Club works hard to instill trust in universal energy that is so needed by our clients as they work towards their own self-realization. A self-realization which encompasses the divine path of universal consciousness is the ultimate goal and source of happiness for many of our members. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we offer many different means in support of fostering this openness, trust and faith.