Hot N Cool Yoga Club’s Business Vision focuses on its daily operations and the expansion of the business.

Are you: a marketing aficionado, a highly energetic yoga instructor (want-to-be owner) an investor & lover of yoga, a skilled numbers person (CFO)? If so, and you would like to become involved, we’d love to hear from you.

The Vision for our Business is 2-fold:

1)    Head Office – is looking to become more efficient and cost effective as we strive to improve our studio services and expand the business

2)    QB Studio – continues to grow and expand its holistic service base

Opportunities for the Future Growth include:

·         Ownership/Investment opportunities

·         Hiring more certified instructors

·         Providing more services to more people

·         Offering more yoga classes

·         Facilitating more non-yoga classes (holistic partners)

·         (QB) QB Discovery classes are now being offered

·         Studio use is constantly increasing

If any of the above interests you and you would like to become involved in Hot N Cool’s daily business operations, please fill in the following form. We look forward to hearing from you.