Why join the Hot N Cool Yoga Club?  **  Because we have such a great  …  Sense of Community

  1. “Sense of Community” is established when people rally behind the same beliefs. Our top priority, as stated in our Mission Statement, is to support members on their own journeys to self-realization and healthy living through our classes, our words and by our examples. Collectively, focusing on customer service, clean studios, quality instruction, all things that help us achieve this important “sense of community”.
  2. Our Hot N Cool Community grows as we show interest in each other. We continue to know and accept each other for who we are. How do we do this at HC? We attend each other’s classes, workshops and retreats, at informal get-togethers and by showing a genuine interest in each other as we open the doors of common ground.
  3. Help when you can, as helping others establishes a caring community. By helping each other and by nurturing a “club atmosphere” we support each other and move closer to our common goal of self-actualization.
  4. Special Events at Hot N Cool Yoga. We often hold special events/workshops allowing staff and members to bond while enjoying something that they love to do. People bond together as they have fun getting to know each other. Journey together to reap the benefits of personal growth.
  5. Your feedback is important to us. By collecting information and input from others we make collective decisions. We genuinely try to hear what our members are saying. Please feel free to talk us about your concerns.
  6. Community is built when people feel that they have contributed to the success of the club. At Hot N Cool, we celebrate together! We constantly celebrate each other’s successes creating a positive place to work and play.
  7. At the Hot N Cool Yoga Club we celebrate our Successes. We try to celebrate our success through informal gatherings, by supporting each other. By celebrating together as a team, we encourage a sense of community and add to the already positive atmosphere of the club.

In Conclusion Everyone at HC creates a “Sense of Community” just by being part of our club. Good things catch on and spread and our club becomes an even GREATER place to do yoga. Help us stay focused on what is best for the members as we move forward on our own common goals.